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Design and instantly download free intros by combining our templates with your own links, text and jpg files. With our online flash builder you can customize for free your own flash intro by changing the color, size and position of the various templates you select.

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Create and download for free your own intros in a matter of minutes:
  • no MacromediaFlash skills needed
  • easy to use, click-n-drag interface
  • large number of templates to choose from
  • possibility to insert your own content
  • wide range of intro edit options
  • no email address to give away
  • instant intro download

Using this site you can create highly customizable, personalized free flash intros in a matter of minutes. Having completed your flash intro you can instantly download it for free.

With a click of a mouse our flash builder allows you to:

  • choose a background color
  • select a movie clip template and change its color, position and scale
  • select an image template and change its color, position and scale
  • insert your own text and modify its color, position and scale
  • insert your own link and modify its color, position and scale
  • select a sound template
  • add your own jpg file and set its position and scale

Although our free builder is based on predefined templates you can customize all the elements you insert by changing their color, positions and size. You can insert up to nine pages of text and a link targeting an internet or email address. This freedom of choice and the ability to insert your own images allows you to create personalized, non-repeatable intros.

All intros generated by our builder are designed for internet use and saved in swf and html file format.

Except sound, all our templates are vector based. This makes your flash intros very small in size (40KB-100KB) allowing fast downloads. You can view them in any browser with MacromediaFlash 5 or higher plug-in installed.

This wide range of options gives you the power to create one-of-a-kind intros. Two intros based on the same flash templates and created with our free online builder will not look the same! You don't have to worry someone else has the exact intro you do.

Flashberry allows you to instantly save and download for free both the flash intro file (swf) and the web page to embed it (html). This way, you control your intro appearance by setting its size and position.

Having a multimedia presentation can help improve your professionalism and credibility. You can use it as an email advertisement, a small offline presentation or as a way to introduce your web site to your visitors - flash intro. The last option is the most used one. This way, visitors can figure out from the beginning what your site is all about. It may raise their interest and keep them longer on your web site.

Note: to keep this service free we unobtrusively insert our logo in the upper left corner of your downloaded free flash intro.

Last Update
April 30, 2004

All our templates have smaller file sizes.
We now use the compressed swf 6 file format instead of swf 5. This is the same format Macromedia Flash MX outputs. With this upgrade we can implement some new text and link features unavailable in the previous format.

The number of available templates has nearly doubled.
Here's how the new additional templates are distributed across categories:

  • Movie Clip > Animals (new category): 5
  • Movie Clip > Corporate: 2
  • Movie Clip > Nature: 1
  • Movie Clip > Sports (new category): 7
  • Movie Clip > Others: 11
  • Images > Animals (new category): 6
  • Images > Cars (new category): 15
  • Images > Communication: 1
  • Images > Sports (new category): 12
  • Images > Others: 2

Note: you now need Flash Player 6 or higher to access our builder.

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Based on your requests, we're adding new templates and features on a regular basis.

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